Measuring 1 - Christ creates the worldWhen fabricating something very small, process engineers need to “see it” to know whether it meets the design requirements. Very powerful microscopes are able to deliver high qualify picture of nanosize products. Very often, however, the eye-inspection of microscopic images is not sufficient: a quantitative or mathematical description is required. This is particularly true in nanotechnology, where the properties of nanostructures are often determined by the dimensions and morphology / topography. For example, the microprocessors in cell phones and computers depend critically on the dimensions and roughness of their nanotransistors.

Nanometrisis software family characterizes the size, topography, roughness and morphology of nanostructures from the analysis of microscopy images. It enables manufacturers and users of nanostructures to better assess quality in a broad range of applications of material science and engineering such as electronics, photonics, biology, medicine.