Nanometrisis products are software codes used for the measurement and quantification of geometric and morphological characteristics (dimensions, shape, roughness) of micro and nanostructures during semiconductor manufacturing, or the manufacturing of other nanotechnology products.

The software accepts electronic and atomic microscopy images as input and delivers metrics, parameters and graphs characterizing the micro and nanostructures.

Figure products

Classification of Nanometrisis software to 2D and 3D categories along with some representative microscope images.

These results are necessary for manufacturing companies and material or equipment providers since the reliable performance of products is often critically dependent on the micro and nanoscale topography and morphology of their features.

The company products are divided into two categories depending on the type of images to be analyzed, namely to 2D and 3D software.

A. 2D software with analysis of edges: in this category two versions of software are included (nanoLER™ and nanoCER™) which have emerged from the well-known academic software LERDEMO and CERDEMO. They are used for the measurement and characterization of the lateral edge roughness of rectangular and cylindrical nanostructures typically resulting from lithographic and pattern transfer processes. Such structures are used in transistor gates and electrodes of integrated circuits respectively. The input of the software is top-down images from Scanning Electron Microscopes.

B. 3D software with surface analysis: In parallel with the above, there has been software development for the measurement and characterization of surface morphology of micro and nanostructures by means of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and/or scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The nanoSURF™ software is unique in providing complete and precise description of the spatial aspects of morphology with the help of methods adapted from information science. Two products are available, nanoTOPO-AFM™ and nanoTOPO-SEM™


Nanometrisis offers nanometrology consulting services to meet your needs:

  • Resolving your product metrology characterization challenges;
  • Developing software customized to your needs and metrology instruments;
  • “Smart” metrology for your applications.